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Helping UKRAINE. Actions are more than words.

We also help financially💰. In addition, we supply the collection points with sleeping bags, mattresses🛏, blankets, utensils and clothes.

In time, people from Ukraine will need to get involved in work, projects and that’s where the real power will show💪. I believe that we will be able to do it.

In conclusion, let me share:
A girl of about six 🙋🏼‍♀️a not even ten kluk🙋‍♂️ years old set up a booth in front of her house and sold her toys all weekend to help Ukraine. They raised 7,500 yesterday.
Boy: Hello, would you like to buy something?
Me: I’ll buy, what are your prices?
Boy: 25 cars, a robot for 50…
Me: I’ll take this car.
I hand him a hundred, saying it’s good.
Boy: You don’t want it back?
Me: I don’t, thank you.
He thinks hard about what to do with it and then says, “Would you at least like some gum?”❤️🙏

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